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Intracompany Transfer to Canada

Intracompany Transfer to Canada

Work permits for intracompany transfers to  Canada are open to individuals who have been employed by a company outside of Canada that has a related entity in Canada for at least one year out of the three previous years, regardless of citizenship, and whether their country of citizenship is party to a treaty. 


Companies that have a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate office outside of Canada and are seeking to transfer an employee from that office to Canada may be eligible to apply for a work permit as an intracompany transferee on behalf of the employee. The applicant must hold a senior managerial, executive or a specialized knowledge position. The transfer to Canada must be to a similar position. The corporate relationship between the Canadian company and the company abroad must be parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or branch. 


It is also possible to apply for an intracompany transfer work permit, in an instance where a  company is seeking to start a new office, new business in Canada, or a new Canadian operation.   For start up applicants, the initial duration of stay is one year, whereas other foreign workers may be issued a work permit for an initial stay of up to 3 years.  In the case of executives or managers, extensions can be requested in 2-year increments until the employee has reached a seven-year maximum. Specialized knowledge workers have a five-year maximum duration of stay. 


Spouses of intracompany transfer employees can also request permission to work.  


Temporary Resident Visa exempt citizens can make these applications directly at the Port of Entry. Visa exempt nationals require an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) prior to applying for the work permit. Citizens of all other countries must first apply through the online process to a Canadian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate and thereafter apply for an entry to Canada.

Canadian Immigration Lawyer - Supporting Intracompany Transferees

As your Canadian immigration lawyer, Guberman//Appleby Immigration Lawyers is able to assist you in making an application for a work permit as an intracompany transferee. We have many years of experience doing so and have helped countless companies and employees successfully obtain a work permit in Canada as an intracompany transferee – contact us today.

Intracompany Transfer FAQ

The intra-company transfer work permit category enables multi-national companies to transfer qualified foreign national employees from a foreign parent branch or subsidiary of an international company to a Canadian branch or subsidiary. Applicable to citizens of all countries, the intracompany transfer work permit is one of the streams of Canada’s International Mobility Program.

Yes it can. Successful applicants who are granted an ICT work permit are permitted to bring their families, including their partner and children, to Canada for the duration of their employment period in the country. Spouses are eligible for an open work permit to seek employment in Canada, and children can attend school.

Intracompany transfer work permits are exempt from the LMIA process. 

Yes, it is certainly possible for intracompany transferees to become permanent residents of Canada. Individuals working in Canada on an intracompany transfer are often eligible to apply to permanent residence in Canada after attaining one year of Canadian work experience.  After attaining one year of work experience in Canada, foreign nationals will qualify to apply for permanent residence in the Canada Experience Class and submit their information to the Express Entry pool. Coupled with a permanent job offer, foreign nationals on an ICT work permit can increase their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, thus improving their chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply and being selected  to apply for permanent residence in Canada.