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Significant Benefit Canada Work Permit

Significant Benefit Canada Work Permit

To make a successful application for a Significant Benefit Canada Work Permit, strong arguments must be presented to demonstrate there are exceedingly clear social, cultural or economic benefits to Canada which outweigh the importance of obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment. The Significant Benefit to Canada Work Permit is one of the work permit options that fall under the International Mobility Program. This category may be useful when applying for a Work Permit for a foreign worker of international acclaim or when the foreign worker must attend in Canada for a prestigious occasion, event, or project. This type of work permit is typically granted to individuals who have unique skills, experience, or expertise that are not readily available in Canada. 

The social and cultural benefits are evaluated with respect to the person’s international renown, and whether the circumstances have created urgency to the person’s entry. The applicant’s work must contribute to Canadian cultural or social activities in some demonstrable way. The economic benefit is evaluated on the applicant’s proving of a notable contribution to the Canadian economy or labour market.

The Significant Benefit to Canada work permit is intended for foreign nationals who wish to work in Canada and present Canada with a significant benefit socially, culturally, or economically. The Significant Benefit work permit is employer-specific, meaning that foreign professionals working in Canada on this permit can only work for the employer specified in their application. In order to apply for a Significant Benefit  work permit, the foreign national  must possess a job offer from a Canadian employer. Another option for eligible applicants is to apply for the permit as a self-employed professional. This category is designed for foreign entrepreneurs.

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Significant Benefit Canada Work Permit FAQ

To be eligible for a significant benefit work permit, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada must determine  you to be a distinguished expert in your field. You must be able to prove that you would be of significant benefit to Canada. For example, you can prove that you are advancing Canadian industry through market expansion and job creation. This category is also often used by individuals working in TV and film production whose roles are essential to a large production. Further, if a self-employed entrepreneur is able to demonstrate their economic, social, or cultural benefit to the Canadian government, then they may also be eligible. 

Section 205(a) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is the legislative authority for this work permit category.

While it depends on the nature of your significant benefit to the Canadian economy and the significant benefit category under which you are applying, you will need the appropriate documents to demonstrate that you meet the qualifications for the visa. You will need to show your job experience, academic qualifications, a valid job offer, and the benefit you will subsequently bring to Canada.