Canadian and US Immigration Law

What You Need to Know about Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Understanding the Importance of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration, whether it is temporary or permanent to either Canada or the US, can be a complex, bureaucratic affair. This can be overwhelming when it is not approached with the skill, knowledge and expertise necessary to avoid the most frustrating pitfalls and roadblocks. The immigration lawyers in Toronto. at Guberman // Appleby are available to provide you with the legal advice and guidance necessary to navigate these processes.

Guberman // Appleby Immigration Lawyers in Toronto can support you during the  immigration process from anywhere in the world. We can assist with both Canadian immigration matters and US immigration matters. 

The Benefits of Hiring Guberman // Appleby – an Experienced Toronto Immigration Law Firm: 

  • Work with a Canada immigration lawyer in Toronto or a US immigration lawyer in Toronto – we have both!
  • Save time and avoid unnecessary complications.
  • Work with legal experts on immigration laws and regulations who stay apprised of the many and frequent changes..
  • We’ll determine the application most suited to your needs and goals.
  • We work with the government portals and technologies on a daily basis and understand the quirks of these systems.
  • We know what documents and information are required and necessary for your case.
  • We provide sensitive and timely support to  your immigration questions at all times throughout your file.
  • We take the time to understand the facts of your case that are unique to your situation and provide a customized solution.
  • We clarify unusual issues and potential areas of concerns and communicate this information accurately and clearly in your application.
  • We will answer your questions, explain all steps and let you know what to expect.
  • We have extensive experience and deep knowledge of Canadian and US Immigration law attained as a result of decades of top-tier legal work. 

Guberman // Appleby Immigration Lawyers is a  Law Firm that Can Support You

Both companies and individuals must adhere to the relevant immigration.

For individuals, work permits and work authorizations provide temporary foreign workers legal eligibility to work in Canada or the US. 

For businesses that are seeking to expand their operations across the border to Canada or the US, they will similarly need to follow a legally mandated process in order to secure work permits and work authorization on behalf of their employees. The ability to seamlessly move employees to Canada and the US facilitates international growth on a global scale.

While this process can be challenging and arduous, it does not have to be: a skilled Canadian immigration lawyer or US immigration lawyer (and a strong immigration law firm that offers both Canadian and US services and understands the nuances of the immigration laws in both countries) can facilitate the process.

Our US Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

For businesses and individuals looking to enter the US, Guberman // Appleby Immigration Lawyers will assess your particular situation and make recommendations based on your specific circumstances. 

This includes considering E-1, E-2, L-1, TN, O-1 and other US work authorization options for you. We will also identify whether you are eligible for US permanent residence through a family-based petition, as a multinational executive or an individual of extraordinary ability.

Our knowledge of US immigration law, enables the lawyers at Guberman // Appleby Immigration Lawyers to provide a range of immigration strategies to each client in order to secure work authorization or permanent residence in the US.

We have assisted companies and individuals in many sectors move their work, businesses and families to the US.

Our Canadian Immigration Lawyers in Toronto

Our knowledge of Canadian immigration law enables the lawyers at Guberman // Appleby Immigration Lawyers to advise with respect to all aspects of the many temporary and permanent Canadian immigration options. This includes work permits, study permit and permanent residence whether it is as an economic immigrant through Express Entry, a Provincial Nominee Program or Family Class Sponsorship. We will canvass all available options for you and take the time to determine the best possible immigration solution.

We facilitate work permits for CEOs and other critical members of your business. The lawyers at Guberman // Appleby Immigration Lawyers help you navigate the Employer Portal, the Labour Market Impact Assessment process and compliance and investigation matters should they arise. Once a company’s employees are in Canada, we help with work permit extensions and transitioning these temporary foreign workers to permanent residence.

Canada immigration lawyer Toronto

By leveraging our immigration expertise, businesses, families, professionals, entrepreneurs and start-ups can begin the journey to live and work in Canada or the US. Get in touch today to start your immigration process.  


We welcome you to contact us directly to discuss the above. Please contact one of our immigration lawyers, by reaching out to our general line 416 548 7100 or via email Our immigration lawyers are always available to discuss any of your specific Canadian or US immigration queries either virtually or in person. We look forward to hearing from you.