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New Prevailing Wage Requirement from the Employment and Social Development Canada

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Today’s topic:

  • Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Introduces a New Prevailing Wage Requirement

As companies plan out their annual strategies and consider compliance in various aspects of their business, it will be important to keep in mind a new prevailing wage requirement introduced by ESDC, effective as of January 1, 2024.   

The new prevailing wage requirements means that employers of Temporary Foreign Workers who hold work permits based on positive LMIAs must annually review the TFWs wage to ensure that it aligns with the prevailing wage rate for their occupation and location of work. 

To do this, employers will need to consult with the Job Bank and examine the current prevailing wage for a given job role. If there has been a change to the prevailing wage, the employer must, at all times, continue to pay the TFW the prevailing wage noted for their occupation and location at all times throughout their period of employment.

As good practice, we recommend documenting the review of the wages and any corresponding increase in your TFW Compliance file. Typically, prevailing wages are adjusted each fall; however, it would be prudent to review all prevailing wages for all LMIA-based TFWs forthwith.  

If you do not have a current compliance regime for your TFW population, now is also a good time to consider implementing one given that one in four employers who hire TFWs are subject to a random compliance review.

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