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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Announces New Temporary Policy for Study while on a Work Permit in Canada

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Can I Study in Canada while on a Work Permit? Changes You Need to Know

Prior to June 27, 2023, temporary foreign workers in Canada who were interested in improving their skills and studying while they were in Canada on a work permit were only permitted to take part-time courses with a program duration of 6 months or less without the need for a study permit. As a result of the June 27, 2023 announcement, there will no longer be a limit to the length of the study program that a temporary foreign worker can attend without a study permit.

The policy is a three year temporary measure enabling temporary foreign workers to study full-time or part-time while their work permit is valid or until the expiry of the policy on June 27, 2026 with no restriction on the length of the study program.

Four important notes:

  1. The temporary policy only applies to temporary foreign workers who held a valid work permit or had applied to extend their work permit prior to June 7, 2023. Temporary foreign workers who apply for a work permit after June 7, 2023 are not eligible to participate in the policy.
  2. If a temporary foreign worker will be studying longer than the duration of their work permit, then, a study permit is required.
  3. Work experience gained during full-time study will not count towards eligibility in the Canadian Experience Class and additional Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System points will not be awarded. But should a temporary foreign worker attain a higher level of education on account of part-time study, this would lead to an increase in CRS points.  Those applying for Permanent Residence in the Federal Skilled Worker Program will receive adaptability points for the study in Canada, if the study is at a Designated Learning Institute.
  4. Full-time study under this policy will not result in a post-graduate work permit upon completion of the course of study.

This temporary policy is of limited benefit, but a benefit all the same to a small subset of temporary foreign workers wishing to attend a course of study of more than 6 months on a part- or full-time basis. Nonetheless, Guberman // Appleby Immigration Lawyers are available to discuss how these options can assist you, your business, or your employees.


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