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  • Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada Provides Updates Concerning the Parents and Grandparents Program // Potential Sponsors will start to be invited on October 12, 2022 // Super Visa Option

On October 11, 2022  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada  confirmed that they will be accepting up to 15,000 applications for sponsorship under the Parents and Grandparents Program this year.  It is a program whereby interested sponsors submit an online Interest to Sponsor form and then wait for an Invitation to Apply as a sponsor as a result of being selected in a random draw from the electronic pool.  For 2022, IRCC will start to issue invitations on October 12, 2022 and will be sent for the next two weeks.  IRCC advises that they will issue 23,000 invitations with the goal of 15,000 applications. Not all applications are deemed complete or accepted and that is why more invitations than application spots are issued.

Because of the backlog in the Interest to Sponsor pool that dates back to 2020, IRCC will be issuing invitations to a random selection of sponsors from that pool. A new Interest to Sponsor from will not be available.  If a Sponsor is invited to apply, the entire application will be filed electronically, as IRCC continues its mandate to modernizing processing.

Of course, given that the likelihood of receiving an Invitation to Apply is low, sponsors or other Canadian and Permanent Residents who are interested in reuniting with parents or grandparents, may wish to consider the option of applying for a Super Visa. Over the summer, there were changes to the Super Visa.  Should a parent or grandparent be approved for a Super Visa, they are permitted to remain in Canada for 5 years at a time without leaving the country.  As well, an extension can be requested to extend the stay by 2 more years.   It is an option worth considering for those who have not had success with the Parents and Grandparents Program over the years.


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