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Expansion to Francophone Mobility Program

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·  Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada Announces Changes to the Francophone Mobility Program (15JUNE2023)

On June 15, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)announced that for the next two-years there will be an expansion to the Francophone Mobility Program.  This work permit category, initially established in 2016,  facilitates a straightforward work permit option for French speaking foreign nationals who have a job offer in Canada outside of Quebec.   In addition to a job offer, eligible applicants require a moderate command of French and the job offer can be for a position in ALL occupations noted in the National Occupation Classification, except for jobs in primary agriculture.  Previously, this program was restricted to only highly skilled occupations.

With these changes, IRCC also announced that those applying for a Francophone Mobility work permit are now required to demonstrate a moderate level of French language proficiency with respect to oral comprehension and expression.  This equates to Level 5 and proof of language skills is now required.  Among the documents that can be used to prove language proficiency are:

  • A French language test confirming attaining Level 5
  • A post-secondary educational credential from a French university or college
  • A document confirming completion of studies at a French-language institute.

This program provides an efficient work permit option for employers seeking to hire French speakers outside of Quebec. Many applicants who come to Canada on work permits under the Francophone Mobility Program will be well qualified to make an Application for Permanent Residence in Canada after attaining one-year of Canadian work experience. 


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